What Is Pure CBD?
This is derived from CBD Isolate and are 99%+ pure which means that they contain the one single cannabinoid and nothing more. Pure CBD products are often colorless, tasteless and generally have no smell.
What is Full Spectrum CBD?
These are constructed from the entire material of the plant and contain ~8 cannabinoids, in addition to all the compounds and terpenes that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant. This derivative will generally have a green earthy smell and taste and Full Spectrum may contain trace amounts of THC. While the THC level is below the allowable legal limit of 0.3% it may be enough to produce a positive result on a drug screen, despite the fact that it does not produce a “high”.
What is Broad Spectrum CBD?
Broad Spectrum CBD is commonly referred to as T-Free Broad Spectrum and contains ~3-4 cannabinoids, this derivative has below trace amounts of THC and is labeled as “non-detectable”. While it will not have the same taste and smell as the Full Spectrum this option contains more cannabinoids, usually resulting in better effects, than Pure but is not “detectable” like Full Spectrum.

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