Top Selling Products

  • Herbal-infused cookie with company logo.

    Pupper Bud-Ease

  • Cannabis-infused boysenberry gummies packaging with product.

    Boysenberry Gummies

  • VictoryLeaf CBD Snaps 35mg packet.

    CBD Single Serve Snaps 35mg

  • Detailed cannabis bud with branded logo

    Champagne P***y

  • Black pod-style vaping device on white background.

    Cold Cured Resin 1g

  • Cannabis breath spray bottle with 500mg THC.

    Dos Gringos Pain Spray

  • Cannabis-infused topical cream with THC and CBD.

    Dos Gringos Salve

  • Colorful packaging for cannabis-infused gummies.

    Ganja Gummies